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Oral Argument Recordings
Case #CaptionCase TypeDate ArguedDescription
22-3264 USA v. Jamison Krahenbuhl criminal 09/27/2023 oral argument
22-3285 USA v. Alfredo Viveros-Chavez criminal 09/27/2023 oral argument
22-3271 Felix Franco v. Richland Refrigerated Solution civil 09/27/2023 oral argument
22-3212 Jennifer Shirk v. Trustees of Indiana University civil 09/27/2023 oral argument
22-3275 Kimberly Barnes-Staples v. Emily Murphy civil 09/27/2023 oral argument
22-3178 Capitol Street Surgery Center, v. NLRB agency 09/27/2023 oral argument
22-3308 Chadrick Fulks v. T. Watson prisoner 09/26/2023 oral argument
23-1175 Edgewood High School of the Sa v. City of Madison, Wisconsin civil 09/26/2023 oral argument
22-2636 Latonya Cannon v. Armstrong Containers Inc. civil 09/26/2023 oral argument
23-1392 Melody Pak v. Joseph R. Biden, Jr. civil 09/26/2023 oral argument
23-1108 USA v. Javares Hudson criminal 09/26/2023 oral argument
23-1534 Parents Protecting Our Childre v. Eau Claire Area School Distric civil 09/26/2023 oral argument